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A lot of people enjoy and like cultures that are not native to their own. I love Chinese and Japanese cultures. I love the colors, the animals, the writing and art work, just everything about it is so bright and inviting. 

asked Jun 14, 2016 in Society & Culture by forintolue Level 1 (23 points)

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I live in India, and I like culture of India very much and am inspired by our own culture.

We have our own beliefes and values which I love to follow, it gives us a real pleasure.

answered Jun 14, 2016 by Šhubham Šingh Level 1 (19 points)
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France and Japan.

France for its national pride in art (like the revolution) and Japan's great horror films

answered Jun 14, 2016 by Atul Level 2 (151 points)
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I love Japan's culture. They are so mellow, have beautiful decor, tasty food, and just an all around fun culture you want to be a part of. I have some friends who moved to Japan and they said it was the best decision they have ever made.

answered Jul 4, 2016 by Aurtaint Level 1 (51 points)
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I wouldn't say a specific culture inspires me but more of a time. I loved the 1920's in America. The food, the clothing style, the lack of all the busy technology. It just seemed so much more peaceful and more personal. 

answered Jul 5, 2016 by Whounclat Level 1 (35 points)
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