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I want something natural that will help detox my skin. I know it has to start on the inside so what vitamins or minerals help the skin heal and look better? Which are best for healthy skin in general? 

asked Jun 30, 2016 in Health > Alternative Medicine by Sustrian Level 1 (16 points)

2 Answers

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Acne is usually the result to an imbalance in the gut or hormones. Sometimes it can be both. The best thing you can take in is clean food and healthy drinks. Avoid things like coffee, processed sugars, heavy starches, and soy. Eat more gut friendly foods like yogurt, wheat germ, coconut water/oil, and egg whites. 

answered Jul 2, 2016 by Witolve Level 1 (45 points)
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Vitamin E and vitamin C are the two best vitamins you can take but I recommend changing your diet around a bit. Supplements are fine but it is always best to get your nutrition from the real source. 

answered Jul 5, 2016 by Sisturionse88 Level 1 (48 points)
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