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I feel like I can give a list here but I feel like out of all of them, Kim Kardasian is the most overrated. She has not true talent at all. It is like she is famous for nothing more than being in a rich family. She cakes on her make-up, prances around like she is a 22 year old harlot when she is a 30 something married mother. It is sick to me.

What celebrity do you feel is most overrated?
asked Jun 9, 2016 in Movies & Music > Celebrities by Whearclas1979 Level 1 (22 points)

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In my humble opinion, and with all due respect to the concerned individual, Justin Bieber is the most overrated celebrity in the history of Showbiz. The guy is a terrible singer, but all the glamor and shine seems to render this fact obscure. My younger daughter keeps collectibles with his name and pictures, and I am often forced to buy Justin Bieber CDs for her. But trust me, that guy is not a singer. Gone are the days when we had guys like Michael Jackson.

answered Jun 11, 2016 by asfandsh Level 1 (89 points)
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