What is Meaboo

What is Meaboo?

Meaboo is a questions and answers community.

If you need to know something, we have the answers! Ask about anything imaginable.

How is Meaboo different?

With Meaboo, you can visually present your questions and answers with polls, pictures and videos. Content is very easy to digest! You may also receive votes on your answers in the form of a thumbs up or thumbs down, encouraging users to post helpful, well-thought out answers. You will feel rewarded for your help!

How will I know if my question is answered?

When a user replies to your question, you will be notified at the top right of the site with an alert, next to your avatar. You may also set up email notifications to know when your question is answered, wherever you are.

What categories are there?

Meaboo is open to questions of any topic. You'll find everything from Android devices, baby medicine, programming, stock markets and weddings. The list is endless!

Is there anything else to do?

Sure! We have a "Fun" section which you can use to share funny images, viral videos, create polls to gather statistics and talk about anything you like! Meaboo is all about fun!
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